Nervous Curtains - Out of Sync With Time


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1. Accomplice
2. All Yesterday’s Parties
3. Bad Neighbor
4. Losing Touch With One of My Senses
5. Hearing Something That Is Not There
6. Falling Out of Sync With Time
7. White Van Scam
8. Indebted To The Cause
9. Jesus and Tequila
10. It’s Cramped In The Casket



Nervous Curtains – ‘Out of Sync With Time’ reclaims the piano as an essential instrument in the rock n’ roll pantheon. Brainchild of singer/pianist Sean Kirkpatrick (member of Beefheartian rock outfit The Paper Chase and former keyboardist of Texan popsters Spoon) Nervous Curtains share few or no qualities with Kirkpatrick’s other bands; in much the same way Firewater sounded nothing like Cop Shoot Cop, those expecting similarities should be prepared to be pleasantly confounded.

Nervous Curtains play spooky, ominous, piano-centric pop anchored by an insistent, though not frenetic rhythm section. Their oeuvre is heavy on elegial tangos, with melodic, melancholy vocals creating an atmosphere heavy with an oddly desperate sense of longing. Nervous Curtains would sound equally at home in a smoky, trashy club or an elegant theatre, such is their low-key yet grandiose take on music.

In addition to Kirkpatrick, the band consists of former Deathray Davies drummer Robert Anderson and multi-instrumentalist Ian Hamilton from Jack With One Eye. Guitar? Nope. One listen to Nervous Curtains and it will be obvious that particular instrument is not missed. And Out of Sync With Time’s spacious, dynamic production (by Matthew Barnhart and champion mixer John Congleton) makes sure the album reflects that.

Pop without the wuss factor. Rock without the macho factor. Damn the hipsters, full speed ahead. Like all great bands, Nervous Curtains are blazing their own trail, and it’s up to music lovers to keep up with them. Out of Sync With Time is essential listening for anyone interested in pushing the boundaries of what pop can be.

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